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Software Catalog

  • ShaOS
    Operation System for i8080-compatible microcomputers (developing by Alexander Shabarshin since 1992 to 1998)
  • Emulator SPRINT
    Emulator of Sprinter Computer (C sources under GPL)
  • Sprinter SDK
    Sprinter SDK by NedoPC team (based on RW1P2 and SPRINT)
  • Emulator jEmul
    Universal emulator jEmul (Java sources under GPL)
  • NedoPC SDK
    NedoPC SDK by NedoPC team New!
 Download our software
  • RW1P2.RAR (552K) - Cross-compiler for different microcomputers, namely ZX-Spectrum, Sprinter, Orion-128, Spetsialist, Radio-86RK (freeware)
  • SPRINT.ZIP (557K) - Emulator of Sprinter Computer for Windows, Linux, DOS (open source under GPL)
  • SPRINSDK.ZIP (725K) - Sprinter SDK betatest (freeware)
 Download friends software
  • ZMAC13.ZIP (82K) - ZMAC 1.3, public domain Z80 macro cross-assembler. C source code included.

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