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[MSX] Я помогаю автору blueMSX с поддержкой русских Ямах :) 
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>From: benoНt delvaux
>To: Adrian Oboroc
>Subject: Characters on Russian MSX Machines
>Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2004 23:21:31 +0100
>Hello !
>I've just read your last post on MRC.
>I've already been "confused" by the MSX Russian keyboard as it appears generally in the emulators : by comparison with a QWERTY keyboard, all the letters seem to be in a strange (dis)order.
>But what is the reality? As I don't have any experience with the real Russian MSX machine, it's difficult to guess.
>If I good understand your post, you want to have a QWERTY keyboard, but with use of the special Russian characters.
>Can you explain me the difference between the real keyboard and what you want ?

Hi Benoit!

Traditionally all russian typewriters, and later early computers, had character mapping, where first row of letter left to right was russian letters ЙЦУКЕН (view in KOI8-R code table). The nearest Latin letters for those are JCUKEN, which is totally against common computer keyboard standard QWERTY.

Basicly the difference in latin character mode between regular and russian MSX systems is that they used different passive matrix inputs in MSX ROM code. For instance pressing the matrix key "Q" (I beleive it's second row, second column on MSX passive keyboard), will produce "J" on russian computers.

You can get the xref table (1:1 permutation), which can help you feed JCUKEN style virtual MSX keyboard input from QWERTY PC keyboard. And alternative is to patch ROM file itself, but I think it's a good idea to keep ROM images faithful to original, just in case if someone does a CRC scan to checjkit it's russian Yamaha and make program settings adjust to that, or for russian programs which don't use slow ROM keyboard input subroutine, and instead poll keyboard directly..

To get the xref table, just type in each PC key and see what russian Yamaha ROM types in instead :)

This will help you to remap virtual MSX passive matrix keyboard to unique 80-s russian JCUKEN input.

PS: it wasn't only MSX! All other old russian computers used JCUKEN keyboard as well! Only PC clones in very late 80-s and early 90-s made people switch from russian latin typewriter keyboard layout to international QWERTY typewriter layout

Let me know if you want me to build the XREF myself :)
BTW: the href table should only be applied to latin input! If you apply the xref table to cyrillic input, instead of messed-up latin input and correct cyrillic, you'll get correct latin and messed-up cyrillic ;)

I'm not sure how Yamaha switches input language from hardware point of view, but phisicly it had a Cyr led, which was lited only if input was switched to Russian.

I hope this helps! If not, let me know and I'll try my best to help some more...

04 Nov 2004 17:24
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