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Now I'll try to explain to dear reader, what I want to achieve by creating of this project. So, lets start with title. NedoPC. It's spelled as Neh-doh-Pee-See and according to rules of Russian language it is plural form of the word НЕДОПИСЬ :) Lets look into the Russian dictionary by Dal': НЕДОПИСЬ - Missing something in writing.

In general for a first time the word NEDOPC (in Cyrillic characters) appeared in paper magazine Computerra in 1998 (see here). To avoid replication I writes this word only in Latin characters, but with the same meaning (something is not yet ready to be considered as PC). To understand it more clearly lets define the term PC.

The term PC (Personal Computer), which now means exclusively wintel (Windows+Intel) platform, was born as redundant of IBM PC (or IBM PC compatible). Many people think that only PC is a reflection of the computer world and computerization, but it is not true. There are a lot of computer and near-computer devices that are nothing similar to PC. And the most pleasant it's programmable. Moreover, it could be build by almost anybody!

Especially this world I meant when saying NedoPC without downgrading the role of this small and relatively cheap helpers. Prefix "nedo" must be understood not as characterization of "under-development" of those small things, but as a contrast to almighty PC, even close to meaning of "Anti-PC". One of the important attributes of representatives of NedoPC world is affordable price with functionality that it similar to PC. So, main thesis is most of PC abilities could be implemented without PC for relatively lower money. What can we include into the list of devices, covered by NedoPC term?

First of all, I include there all old microcomputers, which traditionally connected to home TV. King of them of course is immortal ZX-Spectrum (or as some people call it speccy). This computer is almost 20 years old! During this time thousands of people created many PC attributes for it - modems, hard drives, sound cards, powerful video cards etc. All kind of "businessmen" are still trying to make profit from the fans, increasing the price to the sky (even though final price of such computer is higher than price of used PC with Pentium), compromised "new" speccy in the eyes of users (I don't mean firm Peters Plus that produces Sprinter, which should be discussed aside of speccy - Sprinter support is also part of our project :). Because many things could be DIY (do-it-yourself) if schematics are available and schematics are usually difficult to obtain. I plan to publish under the project schematics of peripherals for ZX, collected from different sources (including fido echo ZX.SPECTRUM). And software of course :)

Second of all, another candidates to NedoPC are handheld computers. Most ingenious of them is Palm with PalmOS operating system. Since I got my palm, I felt in love with it once and forever :) - a lot of software from the Internet and ability to program - what else should our programmer need to be happy!

And last, but not least, it is possible to put under NedoPC any DIY thing, which could be programmed. This website will have schematics of simple electronics programmable circuits and programs for them. Everybody interested is invited to participate in fulfilling the collection.

Planned to publish schematics and open software under license GNU GPL (General Public License) that gives possibility to develop derivations to everybody with keeping of copyrights and protection from using of achievements in closed source constructions or programs.

I see nearest plans as followed:

  • Development of new hardware-software platform
  • Creation of emulators under GNU GPL
  • Software for opening microcomputers to the Internet
  • Portable WEB-browser for microcomputers
  • Publishing of educational materials for this tematic
  • Development of universal crossplatform programming language RW1?

Shaos , 2002

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