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Sp2000s mainboard for Sprinter computer.

  • CPU Z84C15 (21MHz / 3.5MHz) by Zilog
  • RAM 4Mb
  • VideoRAM 512Kb (12ns access)
  • FlashROM 256Kb
  • PLD EP1K30QC208-3 by ALTERA
  • IDE & FDD onboard controllers
  • PS/2 keyboard connector
  • Two ISA-8 slots

Sp2000s mainboard was designed for Sprinter computer in 2003 year. The mainboard has CPU, ROM, RAM, VideoRAM on-board and is ready for usage.

The mainboard can be installed in an AT form-factor case and has standard connectors for connect PS/2 keyboard, AT power supply unit, FDD&IDE; devices, serial mouse, printer, Kempston joystick, tape recorder, TV/CGA monitor, RTC/CMOS chip. Also two ISA-8 slots allow to use internal cards.

This mainboard is some revision of Sp2000 mainboard. What's new:

  • 512Kb VideoRAM (12ns access)
  • PS/2 keyboard connector
  • Generator of frequency with 84MHz
  • 12V on video-out connector

Standard set package contents:

  1. Sp2000s mainboard with 4Mb RAM (SIMM 72 pin), 512Kb VideoRAM.
  2. IDE ribbon cable connector.
  3. FDD ribbon cable connector.
  4. Audio ribbon cable with jack connector.
  5. Tape/joystick ribbon cable connector.
  6. Tape/joystick external connector for your cable.
  7. Printer ribbon cable connector.
  8. Mouse ribbon cable connector.
  9. Video ribbon cable connector.
  10. Video cable with SCART connector.
  11. Video external connector for your alternative video cable.
  12. 3,5" bootable floppy disk with Estex DSS 1.6.
  13. CD with software for Sprinter computer.
  14. Books in English:
  • Assembly Guide
  • User Manual
  • Spectrum User Guide

Weight - 1 kg


According to Internet archives Sp2000s was offered on petersplus.com since May 22, 2003 in a few flavors:

  • the board only for $128;
  • assembled computer with floppy drive only + TITD game CD for $169;
  • the board + VGA? adapter for $199;
  • assembled computer with hard drive 400-600 MB + VGA? + TITD game CD for $265.

Web site petersplus.com died before end of 2003 so it's unknown if board was sold or not after that.

NOTE: Connector IDE 2 currently doesn't work because Altera PLD is not wiring it properly to internal logic, so you need to use IDE 1 only to connect 2 IDE devices to the same bus - 1 master (HDD) and 1 slave (CD-ROM).

PREDECESSOR: Sp2000 board.

SUCCESSOR: So called Sp2003s community supported build based on Ivan Mak? files.

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